Healing is our birthright, not a privilege.


Hi, I’m Donette.

I’m an herbalist, spiritualist, facilitator, and content creator.

Putting the autonomy back in the community’s hands is part of the praxis that my work stems from as a healing arts professional. Healing justice, the work done to put bodies and spirits back in balance while acknowledging the systemic and systematic cause of that imbalance, ignites me.

Currently, I engage in this work through herbal practice, facilitating, and system building.

What I do


As a facilitator, I lead groups through connecting healing and justice work to their path of personal autonomy restoration and community liberation. My goal is to support system building for this purpose.


The connection between us and nature has been fractured, as an herbalist it is one of my goals to support you through forming a bond with herbs through learning.


Sitting in session with clients is a joy and is the core of what I do. We can work together to bring your health back into balance.